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Silver jewellery

Sterling silver is a metal containing at least 92.5% silver. This is the legal standard of purity set by the assay offices in Britain and used for most silver jewellery throughout the world. It means that the metal used is of a specific quality. Pure silver is never used, as it is too soft to be practical.

Caring for your Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver 925 will tarnish with time and wear, as it reacts with air and sea. To clean and help maintain your sterling silver jewellery, use a high quality silver cloth to avoid tarnish (do not use silver dip).

To bring back sparkle from faceted gemstones use warm soapy water, and a soft toothbrush. Soak and brush inside the back of the setting and rinse.

Avoid contact with chemicals, perfume, hairspray and deodorant.

Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing faults, but not misuse. To maintain the condition of your jewellery remove when showering, swimming or when undertaking manual or domestic work

Ring Sizes

When using a wheatsheaf ring stick the ring will be measured from the leading edge. View ring size chart

UK USA European(inner circ. in mm)
H 4 46
I 48
J 5 49
K 50
L 6 51
M 52
N 7 54
O 55
P 8 56
Q 57
R 9 59
S 60
T 10 61
U 10½ 63
V 11 64
W 11½ 65
X 12 66
Y 12½ 68
Z 13 69

Silver Chains

All silver chain is Italian made Sterling Silver 925 and findings, with all soldered links. Chains are not included with each pendant and therefore need to be ordered separately. They can be chosen at the end of the ordering stage. Alternatively, if you wish to have the chains you normally receive or wish Sea Gems Ltd to choose for you please request this in the chain comments box.



There is a minimum order value of £50.00 (excluding VAT).

All UK orders are not subject to delivery charges.

Non-UK orders are subject to delivery charges.

Packaging & Boxing


Branded packaging for jewellery items is not included with each piece and therefore needs to be ordered separately. It can be ordered at the end of the ordering stage. Alternatively, if you wish to have the packaging you normally receive please request this in the packaging and boxing comments box.


The following gift items are automatically supplied with boxes inclusive of price: pens, teaspoons, large pillboxes and compact mirrors.

Packaging for small pillboxes and enamel bookmarks is not included. These need to be requested under the relevant sections.

Display stands and promotional point of sale for jewellery and gifts are listed within the relevant sections. Please request these when ordering.

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